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Winner Best Acupuncturist in Monterey County 2021


Voted best acupuncturist in Monterey County every year but one since the category began in 2015! Thank you Weekly readers and special thanks to my team. I am grateful for your support. It is a great honour to be in service to the well-being of our community. What makes Oona Hull, who’s won this [...]

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Welcome back Marissa!


I’m so excited to welcome Marisa Mijares LAc back to work with us at the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center! She has been a wonderful part of our team over the years and life circumstances are aligning to have her join us again. We make a great team and love to collaborate on patient [...]

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Best Acupuncturist 2018


For four years in a row and counting, you have voted us the best acupuncture practice in Monterey County. We are proud to offer you the best complete health care service available. Thank you for your continued support! Oona Hull has studied at Monterey Peninsula College, the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong, Meridian [...]

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Best Acupuncturist 2017!


Once again, Monterey County has placed its confidence in the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center for our services. Thank you Monterey! Best Acupuncturist 2017 Inserting thin needles into the body to release tension may seem counterintuitive by standards of modern Western medicine, but according to Oona Hull’s clients, this traditional Chinese medical technique still [...]

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New Practitioner!


We are thrilled to announce the addition of acupuncturist Kimberly Ertl, L.Ac. to our team.  Kimberly was introduced to Chinese Medicine over 25 years ago through her study of Tai Chi and now comes to us with over 8 years of experience as a qualified practitioner of Chinese Medicine! You can read more about [...]

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Voted Best Acupuncturist 2016


Monterey County has again placed its confidence in the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center for our services. Thank you Monterey! Monterey County Weekly Best Acupuncturist Oona Hull is recognized for her extensive knowledge in the use of traditional Chinese medicine. Her holistic, effective treatments are famous for reducing layers of pain for her clients. On [...]

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The Ancient Art of Fertility Treatment


Supporting women to conceive naturally Supporting women through pregnancy Supporting women through Assisted Reproduction Therapy Enhancing male fertility through acupuncture   [dropcap]T[/fusion_dropcap]treating men and women at all stages of their journey to parenthood, we have had considerable success in supporting couples from fertility issues through pregnancy to childbirth. Functional fertility is not a question of [...]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Empirical Science


Our primary knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine including the use of herbs and acupuncture is based on empirical evidence, i.e. that which we can verify with our five senses. In other words, through trial and error over some 5000 years. Medical science tends to regard this evidence as inadmissible, claiming it too vulnerable to the [...]

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The Foundation of Health


Holistic integrative medicine by definition seeks to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of well-being so that we feel whole in every sense. When a healing system recognizes all of these elements, it may be considered truly "holistic."

The Foundation of Health2017-01-12T15:30:50+00:00
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