Traditional Chinese Medicine and Empirical Science


Our primary knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine including the use of herbs and acupuncture is based on empirical evidence, i.e. that which we can verify with our five senses. In other words, through trial and error over some 5000 years. Medical science tends to regard this evidence as inadmissible, claiming it too vulnerable to the [...]

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The Foundation of Health


Holistic integrative medicine by definition seeks to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of well-being so that we feel whole in every sense. When a healing system recognizes all of these elements, it may be considered truly "holistic."

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Acupuncture for Spiritual Growth


excerpted from full article at By Joni Renee Zalk, LAc Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was intertwined with wisdom. It was holistic medicine at its finest, believing in the mind/body connection. It utilized all aspects of wisdom, combining healing on many aspects from spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. Practitioners today, mainly focus on the physical [...]

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Treating Athletes with Acupuncture


N.F.L. Players say acupuncture is the most important treatment they receive. Focusing on sore areas, using needles to increase blood flow, relaxing muscles tightened in training, they feel looser and more flexible. Jets fullback Tony Richardson says acupuncture made an immediate 10 percent performance improvement. New York Times

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CU Hospital uses acupuncture as part of cancer treatment


Doctors are now including acupuncture as part of their treatment strategy for cancer patients, merging the ancient practice with powerful modern medical techniques. The University Of Colorado Hospital is leading the way in providing a wider range of choices for patients. Story from KDVR / FOX

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New Location


The recent expansion of our center at the new location in Carmel offers 8 treatment rooms, including a class room, and we are now able to offer a wider variety of services! We are also hosting talks, educational seminars, and a variety of classes in our new classroom. Please send us your contact information to [...]

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