Oona Hull. Call (831) 372-7100LAc, MS, CMT

Oona Hull LAc. has been a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California since 2003 and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1993. She has a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine from the Five Branches Institute of Santa Cruz and is the director of the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center. Oona is dedicated to seeing the “big picture” of each patient’s health concerns in order to find the underlying cause of imbalance, while maintaining a focus on relieving immediate symptoms. She is passionate in educating patients about their health so they may be empowered to truly experience wellness. She has extensive experience in many specialties including sports injuries, pain management, women’s health, fertility, allergies, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression.

Oona’s passion for Chinese Medicine began at the age of 17 when she started learning Tai Chi. This in turn lead to an interest in Qi Gong and in 1992 she became enrolled at the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong where she studied for many years. She simultaneously pursued an education in Massage and Polarity at the Esalen Institute and became a licensed therapist in 1993. After a foundation in Western Medicine, studying Pre-Med and Nursing at Monterey Peninsula College, Oona moved onto The Meridian Institute of Monterey (a cutting edge school combining Eastern and Western Medicine) to study Chinese Medicine during its three year existence. Oona then transferred to the Five Branches Institute of Santa Cruz and continued there for three more years to graduate with a Master’s in Chinese Medicine in 2003.

Oona enjoys creating a sanctuary of healing for her patients and takes extra care in helping patients feel as comfortable as possible. She also loves to empower her patients with knowledge about their bodies and tools to increase well-being and the quality and longevity of their lives. Oona is deeply inspired by the ability of the human body and spirit to heal and rejuvenate and it is her life’s work to share this inspiration.


“I’m an avid marathon runner and started having severe knee pains that completely stopped my running. I went to a physical therapist, chiropractor and a physician, and each had a different diagnosis and remedy – none of which worked. My physical therapist recommended accupuncture with Oona. Oona quickly determined that my IT band was extra tight and causing stress where it connects to the knee. Using accupuncture and massage, Oona was able to take the pressure off my knee. After a couple of treatments, the pain began to ease and I was back to running marathon distance within a few weeks. I continue to see Oona on a regular basis for general tune–ups and have found that my overall health and energy, not to mention my running, is much better.”
Pacific Grove, CA.
“I started seeing Oona for chronic pain and local numbness following a partial knee replacement. Within weeks, the pain had subsided, and Oona then started working on my general health concerns. Through ongoing regular acupuncture and massage, I’m better able to manage stress, perimenopausal symptoms and general health issues. Oona is my first phone call when anything is going on with my body. I would (and do!) recommend her for a wide variety of ailments and for preventive care.”
Karen C., Pacific Grove, CA.
“I have tried all types of face creams and treatments and I never get the results I want. I couldn’t imagine adding a toxin like Botox into my body, and I am not ready to spend money on surgery. After a few sessions of cosmetic acupuncture, my skin is much brighter and the fine lines around my face and neck have diminished. The treatments are relaxing and refreshing.”
Penny, Monterey, CA.
Danny Hull. Call (831) 601-2019MMQ
  • Doctorate of Medical Qi Gong MMQ – International Institute of Medical Qi Gong.
  • Graduate of Henan University (China)
  • Doctorate from the Beijing Research Institute

Danny is a native Californian and has a long history as a popular musician.
He began his own Qi Gong practice as a away to maintain his own health and is now available to help others begin or continue their own healing process.

After many years of his own practice with world renowned Master Medical Qi Gong specialist Jerry Johnson, Danny graduated with a Master and Doctorate of Medical Qi Gong.

He has also spent time in China and has become an ordained Lung Hu Shan Zheng Yi Daoist Priest 81st Generation Disciple.


I started working with Dan Hull after having chemotherapy for breast cancer and before starting radiation. He helped me get through the radiation treatment with minimal skin problems and very little of the fatigue that radiation can cause. Since then, he has helped me to rebuild my energy and my confidence, and given me the tools I need to face the future with optimism. I really can’t say enough good things about Dan. He is warm and open and has been there for me in some very low moments. He takes the time to get to know his patients well so that I feel very safe in his hands. I continue seeing my oncologist of course, but if I have any concerns, I often go to Dan first. He’s resolved several issues such as stomach pains and digestive problems, and I always come away from my visits to him feeling mentally stronger as well.
Dr Dan is an absolutely amazing healer. He has helped me get through a very challenging transitionial time in a way that no one else could. Together, we cleared my deeply imbedded feelings that held me chained up for decades. For the first time, I felt free. My health improved dramatically, and, to top it off, we always laughed so much together that I left lighthearted, happy and blissed out after each and every session. I couldn’t recommend him more. I live in Hawaii now, and wish I could import him here.
For years I suspected that my chronic health issues were connected with incompletely resolved past emotional issues. None of the courses, audio CD’s, self-help books, or sessions with psychologists was ever much help. In two sessions, Dan Hull located the energy blockages in my body and the long forgotten emotional issues that caused them. He released those blockages. I set myself tasks to complete the emotional stories. After six months, my health and energy had improved beyond “best”. This man has a remarkable skill.
Peter D - Salinas, CA
Dan is a beacon, and conduit of grace. Beyond the objective and powerful experience of energy, which moves through the palms of his hands, his inherent compassionate, kind and beneficient nature, confident, faithful and pure intention to heal and integrate, and immense capacity to channel love and joy has become for me an unexpected and profound gift and catalyst in my life.
Kalyani Gilliam, Call our office on (831) 372-7100 for inquiriesL.Ac. • Rolfing®/Rolf Movement • Feldenkrais® • Bones for Life®
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Somatic Education
    • Rolfing®/Feldenkrais®
    • Pilates MAT
    • Bones for Life®
  • MFT – Morphogenic Field Testing

The key to well-being is Balance. In all things.
Kalyani’s 30-year alternative health practice focuses on supporting your body’s ability to recreate wellness and balance by addressing various foundational needs.
What aspect of your wellness is ready to improve?

  • Structural: Rolfing®: Creates optimal body alignment wherein gravity becomes your powerful ally.
  • Functional: Feldenkrais®: Movement Integration: Let your innate movement intelligence be your personal guide to positive, pain-free living. You’ll become aware of how you create your own pain and then how to do something better!
  • Energetic: Acupuncture: Facilitates appropriate flow of body energy for self healing.
  • Nutritional: MFT Morphogenic Field Testing®: Designed clinical nutrition using muscle testing to clarify your current nutritional needs, enable efficient elimination and power up your immunity using whole food supplements to provide the genuine replacement parts that can rebuild your body from the cells up!

Some clients jump in. They are clear on what their needs are already. Sometimes needs clarify after they begin. If you’re not sure, schedule an initial evaluation with Kalyani to explore various options, establish priorities and create a pathway that supports your healing goals. Whether you need to improve your movement habits, your diet or your thoughts the end product is to be better educated and able to trouble shoot your own pain patterns and recognize how fix them yourself!

For class / workshop information or to add your name to her confidential email list check her website at www.MoveMentor.com

Please call our office on (831) 372-7100 for inquiries


Profound, profound, session today.

I had been at one of my low points with all this pain just getting worse and now feel hopeful again. So much wisdom and information you downloaded into my mind/body/sou/spirit! I’ve had two floor sessions trying to remember and resurrect some of what happened in your office. I also went for a 45-min walk this afternoon walking with a “forward fall” awareness and for the first time in months walked without pain in SI joint. And diminishment in neck pain. Miraculous.

Saundra Maeve O'Kelly (age 68)
A miracle! That describes my visit with Kalyani.

I went to see her after recovering from a broken hip, still dependent upon my cane, still wobbly when I walked, still afraid to walk without falling. Still feeling very handicapped. She reached out to me, inviting me to walk with her, and her quiet demeanor and gentle voice, coupled with the strength in her hand, led me to feel the the floor beneath me.

I walked very slowly at first, gaining strength from her voice and the sensation of Mother Earth’s love. My new-found confidence guided me until I found myself striding across the room. Today, my cane lives in the corner of my closet, and I walk unafraid.

Kalyani created a miracle.

Estelle (age 80)
Boy Kalyani… am I ever feeling loose in the hips… while being totally supported by a nice upward energy and standing very tall!! Shoulders dropped and back of neck open and long! I was just feeling it again this evening while walking to the car: a loose, easy, languid, stately graceful easy movement…TOTALLY IN THE PRESENT… no rush no push… no thoughts. JUST MY BODY DOING WHAT IT DOES THE BEST… FEELING THE SUPPORT OF INTEGRATED MOVEMENT!! I can’t describe it any different… I don’t know why those simple classes can cause so much difference… and shifts… but they do!
Linda Grace (age 63) regular ATM/BFL student
Most young guys associate muscle bulk/strength with fitness. They tolerate feeling rigid.
The rational goes like this: If you feel rigid then you’re muscles are hard, and if you’re muscles are hard then they’re getting bigger and stronger. So feeling rigid is “good pain.” Some guys never outgrow this thinking pattern. As long as getting or maintaining big muscles is the goal, there’s no getting through to them.

The body has to be fine tuned like a guitar. The tools to fine tune the body are imaging (usually soft images like water), touching, releasing, toning, lengthening, and mobilizing. The closer the mind is connected to the body, the more awareness there is about what needs to be done at this moment for the body.

Alfredo Balaban
Heather Satava. Please call our office on (831) 372-7100 for inquiriesBA, CMT

Certified as a massage therapist in December of 2000, Heather Kiatta Satava, BA, CMT received her training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, CO. With over 1000 hours of supervised training, followed by extensive internships and continuing education, she has studied a variety of modalities including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, La Stone Massage, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Essential Oils and Spa Therapies.

Heather believes that through consistent self-care we cultivate deeper self-love. We begin to embrace a positive body and self-image, inner peace, optimal health and wellbeing. She specializes in therapeutic massage and in helping her clients discover ways to incorporate health and wellness into daily routines. Her styles include relaxing Swedish massage, therapeutic deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, stretching and trigger point release. Heather works individually with each client to design a unique massage session incorporating nurturing and nourishing massage techniques combined with specialized treatment protocols for pain management and stress reduction.

Heather is committed to creating a plan that works for you. She wants you to feel listened to, supported, and connected to your process as you discover the joy of leading with your heart and creating balance in your life.

Victoria Nethery. Please call our office on (831) 372-7100 for inquiries CMT, NHCP, Minister, and Artist

Victoria has spent three decades in the Healing Arts Field. In high school when assigned the task of writing a research paper for her English class, as if out of no where, she chose acupuncture. That was 1971. After her high school graduation, she enrolled in nursing school with intention to continue her education in the medical profession.
She quickly realized that traditional western medicine was not to be her life path. With a brief experience working as a volunteer at the Berkeley free clinic in the mid 70s, Victoria determined that Holistic Health Care was her passion.

Victoria graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in 1980 as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner with her massage therapy license.
From there she proceeded to open the very first massotherapy clinic on Captiva Island in Florida. She has since maintained private practices in New York City, Monterey Peninsula, and in the San Francisco Bay area. She has worked at Esalen Institute in Big Sur and teaches massotherapy to others in her private practice. She has been mentored by many of the early pioneers in the healing arts world: Ann Marie Colbin, Waturu Ohashi, Hugh Milne, Donna Eden, Paul St. John, and many others. She considers it a great honor to offer her healing gifts to clients.

From day one her passion has been to be a bridge for others to understand their innate ability to heal themselves by offering a tangible and practical understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit work together. With deeper levels of relaxation and support, clients experience their innate connection to themselves enabling them to align, balance and heal.

Combining Visionary Cranial Sacral therapy, Neuromuscular release work, Energy Medicine techniques, Esalen massage, Reiki, Acupressure point work and her own Sacred Inquiry process, she is able to offer a diverse menu of services.

She is an ordained minister, an intuitive clairvoyant counsel, and an integrative somatically based massotherapist.
Victoria’s Sacred Inquiry process opens the door for receiving information that provides practical soul- filled answers in the context of a bodywork session or over the phone and skype.

This Rumi poem is one of her favorites and summarizes the essence of her work.

“A thinker collects and links up proofs ~ a mystic does just the opposite ~ He lays his head on a person’s
chest and sinks into the answers.”

Finding Victoria to be sensitive, connected and present in her capacity as an intuitive guide, I received a number of invaluable insights to focus on and guide me on the next leg of my journey at this cross roads in my life. Regarding physical bodywork, I made sure to have no expectations (as a picky bodyworker myself, it’s too easy to be disappointed.) As it turns out, Victoria is an excellent massage therapist (of course) and gave me the best session I can remember, reaching the darkest corners that seldom get dwelt on by therapists, and staying there till I had no choice but to let go (in spite of the resistance – what’s up with that!) I am deeply grateful for our exchange and would wholeheartedly recommend any and all of the services that she offers to any wayfarer in need of direction and unraveling, spiritually, emotionally and/or physically.
Niklas Spitz

Additionally, you can learn more by visiting www.VictoriaNethery.com

Seema Christie is a Holistic Healing practitioner based in Big Sur, California.

Seema has been practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and offers a nurturing safe environment for healing and learning.

  • Esalen certified massage therapist
  • Spiritual Massage as taught by Maria Lucia Saur
  • Reiki Master and teacher
  • Cranio sacral therapy
  • Therapeutic restorative yoga

Seema is also a longtime Buddhist practitioner, a spiritual art maker and painter. She captures the energy of the land as well as channeling spirit through her art.

Seema believes in the power of remembering your “healing home”. Sessions are tailored to allow you to come home to yourself, to clear, let go and be infused with vital energy.

Spiritual Massage

A spiritual massage session is a form of energetic work involving checking in, setting intention, guided meditation, clearing of your energy field with sound breath and healing tools, essential oil vibration work, gentle foot massage to draw energy down, and infusing of energy within your whole system.

The whole of your being is addressed on a physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual level. The work is deeply nurturing and relaxing for the nervous system. This work is done fully clothed.

Please call Seema on 917-617-4941

or email seema.healing.home@gmail.com for inquiries and to book sessions.

Jackie Hull is a certified massage therapist who is trained in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release technique, Swedish massage, and clinical massage. She is an expert at tailoring her skills to meet the individual needs of each of our patients to create a unique experience that is both relaxing and therapeutic.

Jackie has been an incredible asset to our team at the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center since 2016. Her skills both stand alone and compliment our other services to create a comprehensive and thorough healing experience.

In addition, Jackie has personal training experience (since 2007) and likes to educate our patients about self care techniques to assist them in their recovery and well being.

Jackie has a flexible schedule to accommodate the busy lives of our patients. Please call or text our office to schedule your appointmen on (831) 372-7100