Heather Kiatta Satava. Please call our office on (831) 372-7100BA, CMT

Certified as a massage therapist in December of 2000, Heather Kiatta Satava, BA, CMT received her training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, CO. With over 1000 hours of supervised training, followed by extensive internships and continuing education, Heather has studied a variety of modalities including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, La Stone Massage, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Essential Oils and Spa Therapies.  After 20+ years of hands on practice, Heather has transitioned her focus to educating individuals and families on how to take care of themselves at home in a safe, affordable and effective way using pure and potent essential oils and daily self-care action steps that build a strong foundation for a radiant life.

Heather believes that through consistent self-care we cultivate deeper self-love. We begin to embrace a positive body and self-image, inner peace, optimal health and overall well-being.

With her years of experience and extensive understanding of how working with the body, mind and spirit all play an integral role in optimal health, Heather specializes in helping her clients discover ways to incorporate health and wellness into daily routines.

She offers essential oils education, holistic lifestyle coaching, self-care road maps, mindfulness meditation guidelines and breath awareness vitality exercises.

Heather is committed to creating a plan that works for you. She wants you to feel listened to, supported, and connected to your process as you discover the joy of leading with your heart and creating balance in your life.