MITAKUYAPI (Greetings)

Jonathan is a multidisciplinary body work expert and has been practicing on the Monterey Peninsula since 2008.

Jonathan SmithHe received his initial education in massage and body work at Monterey Peninsula College where he completed 724 hours of extensive study. He then went on to study Esalen massage, hot stone massage, cupping and neuromuscular massage therapy.

Using his nueromuscular therapy training he focuses on results based treatment by performing a careful functional assessment of clients before and after treatment. By assessing muscle function and range of motion he can narrow down the root cause of the client’s pain, not just where the symptoms are. He sees the body as a whole and can help the body find balance through soft tissue treatment, ranging from Myofascial release, to trigger point therapy.

Jonathan’s heart is in his work and he is passionate about helping people and the community as a whole.

MITAKUYA OYASIN (Bless all of my relations)