Kalyani Gilliam. Please call Kalyani directly on (831) 521-4458 for all inquiries and appointments.

L.Ac. • Body & Movement Specialist • Applied Clinical Nutrition

  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Movement Specialist / Bodywork
    • Rolfing® / Feldenkrais® / Bones for Life®
    • Pilates MAT / Yoga
  • Designed Clinical Nutrition
    • MFT – Morphogenic Field Testing
    • NRT – Nutritional Response Testing

Wellness Is Your Nature & The Key to Wellness is Balance. In All Things.

Kalyani offers personalized guidance in 3 distinct areas of healthcare to enable your dynamic balanced vibrant life. Her 35-year multi-platformed practice delivers practical, individualized support to address any underlying foundational needs that your current symptoms are pointing to. “Your immediate concerns will guide us to a deeper understanding. When we support the root (foundation) the branch (symptom) can thrive.

What aspect of your wellness are YOU wanting to improve?

  • Functional Bodywork: Rolfing® & Feldenkrais®: Movement Integration help you discover optimal body alignment efficient, pain-free and powerful movement patterns made real through your daily living routines.
    “Let gravity becomes a therapeutic ally. Find what creates discomfort and then learn how to do something better!”
  • Energetic: Acupuncture: Facilitates appropriate flow of body energy to enable self-healing. I use cutting edge technology, AcuGraph, to educate you to the Root and Branch aspects of your concerns.
  • Nutritional:  MFT Morphogenic Field Testing®: Designed clinical nutrition using muscle testing to clarify your current nutritional needs, enable efficient elimination and power up your immunity using whole food supplements, herbs and homeopathic supplements.

Some clients know what their needs are when they come. Sometimes needs clarify after they begin. Not sure what you need? Schedule an initial evaluation/consult with Kalyani to explore your options, establish priorities and determine your healing goals.  Whether you’re looking to improve your movement habits, ease tension gathered over time, improve your diet or your thoughts, working with Kalyani will leave you feeling educated, personally supported and optimistic. You’ll gain practical guidance that makes sense of your pain patterns and you’ll begin to recognize how fix them!

For class / workshop information or to add your name to her confidential email list check her website at www.MoveMentor.com


Profound, profound, session today.  I had been at one of my low points with all this pain just getting worse and now feel hopeful again.  So much wisdom and information you downloaded into my mind/body/sou/spirit!  I’ve had two floor sessions trying to remember and resurrect some of what happened in your office.  I also went for a 45-min walk this afternoon walking with a “forward fall” awareness and for the first time in months walked without pain in SI joint.  And diminishment in neck pain.  Miraculous.
Saundra Maeve O'Kelly (68)
A miracle! That describes my visit with Kalyani.

I went to see her after recovering from a broken hip, still dependent upon my cane, still wobbly when I walked, still afraid to walk without falling. Still feeling very handicapped. She reached out to me, inviting me to walk with her, and her quiet demeanor and gentle voice, coupled with the strength in her hand, led me to feel the the floor beneath me.

I walked very slowly at first, gaining strength from her voice and the sensation of Mother Earth’s love. My new-found confidence guided me until I found myself striding across the room. Today, my cane lives in the corner of my closet, and I walk unafraid. Kalyani created a miracle.

Estelle (age 80)
Boy Kalyani… am I ever feeling loose in the hips… while being totally supported by a nice upward energy and standing very tall!! Shoulders dropped and back of neck open and long! I was just feeling it again this evening while walking to the car: a loose, easy, languid, stately graceful easy movement…TOTALLY IN THE PRESENT… no rush no push… no thoughts. JUST MY BODY DOING WHAT IT DOES THE BEST… FEELING THE SUPPORT OF INTEGRATED MOVEMENT!! I can’t describe it any different… I don’t know why those simple classes can cause so much difference… and shifts… but they do!
Linda Grace (age 63) regular ATM/BFL student
Most young guys associate muscle bulk/strength with fitness. They tolerate feeling rigid.
The rational goes like this: If you feel rigid then you’re muscles are hard, and if you’re muscles are hard then they’re getting bigger and stronger. So feeling rigid is “good pain.” Some guys never outgrow this thinking pattern. As long as getting or maintaining big muscles is the goal, there’s no getting through to them.

The body has to be fine tuned like a guitar. The tools to fine tune the body are imaging (usually soft images like water), touching, releasing, toning, lengthening, and mobilizing. The closer the mind is connected to the body, the more awareness there is about what needs to be done at this moment for the body.

Alfredo Balaban