Seema Christie, Spiritual Massage Seema has been practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and offers a nurturing safe environment for healing and learning.

  • Esalen certified massage therapist
  • Spiritual Massage as taught by Maria Lucia Saur
  • Reiki Master and teacher
  • Cranio sacral therapy
  • Therapeutic restorative yoga

Seema is also a longtime Buddhist practitioner, a spiritual art maker and painter. She captures the energy of the land as well as channeling spirit through her art.

Seema believes in the power of remembering your “healing home”. Sessions are tailored to allow you to come home to yourself, to clear, let go and be infused with vital energy.

Spiritual Massage

A spiritual massage session is a form of energetic work involving checking in, setting intention, guided meditation, clearing of your energy field with sound breath and healing tools, essential oil vibration work, gentle foot massage to draw energy down, and infusing of energy within your whole system.

The whole of your being is addressed on a physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual level. The work is deeply nurturing and relaxing for the nervous system. This work is done fully clothed.

Please call Seema on 917-617-4941

or email for inquiries and to book sessions.