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Victoria has spent three decades in the Healing Arts Field. In high school when assigned the task of writing a research paper for her English class, as if out of no where, she chose acupuncture. That was 1971. After her high school graduation, she enrolled in nursing school with intention to continue her education in the medical profession.
She quickly realized that traditional western medicine was not to be her life path. With a brief experience working as a volunteer at the Berkeley free clinic in the mid 70s, Victoria graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in 1980 as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner with her massage therapy license.

From there she proceeded to open the very first massotherapy clinic on Captiva Island in Florida. She has since maintained private practices in New York City, Monterey Peninsula, and in the San Francisco Bay area. She has worked at Esalen Institute in Big Sur and teaches massotherapy to others in her private practice. She has been mentored by many of the early pioneers in the healing arts world: Ann Marie Colbin, Waturu Ohashi, Hugh Milne, Donna Eden, Paul St. John, and many others. She considers it a great honor to offer her healing gifts to clients.

From day one her passion has been to be a bridge for others to understand their innate ability to heal themselves by offering a tangible and practical understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit work together. With deeper levels of relaxation and support, clients experience their innate connection to themselves enabling them to align, balance and heal.

Combining Visionary Cranial Sacral therapy, Neuromuscular release work, Energy Medicine techniques, Esalen massage, Reiki energy balancing, Acupressure point work and her own Sacred Inquiry process, she is able to offer a diverse menu of services.

She is an ordained minister, an intuitive clairvoyant counsel, and an integrative somatically based massotherapist.
Victoria’s Sacred Inquiry process opens the door for receiving information that provides practical soul- filled answers in the context of a bodywork session or over the phone and Skype.

• Victoria offers a 90 minute comprehensive integrative massage and energy balancing session. Deeply relaxing Esalen massage, Cranial Sacral therapy, Neuromuscular release techniques, Reiki and her own Sacred Inquiry process are combined during this session. All acute injury and chronic conditions are addressed.

• A 60 minute “Go with the Flow” massage session is designed to reestablish a sense of ease, inspiration, and well being. Using Esalen massage and passive stretches this session will take the edge off your stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

• Sacred Inquiry Intuitive Clairvoyant Counsel.
60 minute session provides clear, practical guidance for health, family, personal, business, projects and relationship. A Body Scanning technique is used for health conditions providing source of origin and clearing guidance.
*Please see Sacred Inquiry for more about this process.

This Rumi poem is one of her favorites and summarizes the essence of her work.

A thinker collects and links up proofs
~ a mystic does just the opposite ~
He lays his head on a person’s chest and sinks into the answers.


Finding Victoria to be sensitive, connected and present in her capacity as an intuitive guide, I received a number of invaluable insights to focus on and guide me on the next leg of my journey at this cross roads in my life. Regarding physical bodywork, I made sure to have no expectations (as a picky bodyworker myself, it’s too easy to be disappointed.) As it turns out, Victoria is an excellent massage therapist (of course) and gave me the best session I can remember, reaching the darkest corners that seldom get dwelt on by therapists, and staying there till I had no choice but to let go (in spite of the resistance – what’s up with that!) I am deeply grateful for our exchange and would wholeheartedly recommend any and all of the services that she offers to any wayfarer in need of direction and unraveling, spiritually, emotionally and/or physically.
Niklas Spitz

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