The Acupuncture Facial

If you are looking for a gentle, relaxing, and blissful experience… where your beauty is enhanced, while your overall health and well-being are restored, the Acupuncture Facial is for you. Be prepared to be pampered, adored, uplifted, and rejuvenated. 

This acu-spa treatment will revitalize your complexion, soothe your stress, honor your unique beauty, make you feel completely pampered, and create a feeling of radiance from the inside out.


  • Full-body and facial acupuncture for overall health and radiance
  • Decadent facial masks to feed and help heal your skin
  • Crystal enhancement
  • Gentle facial cupping to move lymph, reduce puffiness, encourage collagen production, and increase circulation to give you a radiant glow, and
  • Jade gua sha sculpting massage to relax facial muscles and ease the stress that can show on your face 

You’ll be adorned with exquisite organic skin elixirs and herbal oils along with a jade rolling beautifying massage.

Enjoy being pampered, empowered, nurtured, and cared for while experiencing a unique, blissful acupuncture treatment.

This can be an amazing stand-alone session designed to enhance your natural health, beauty and well-being while being pampered and lavished with attention. However, your best beauty results are cumulative and most effective when received weekly as part of a Facial Rejuvenation series. 

Discount packages available.

For more information, see Gina’s profile page here, visit or call 831-220-5689