Soul filled answers for life questions, Sacred Inquiry is your higher wisdom revealed through a multifaceted session. Through connected and deep listening, your life answers emerge as we ask for your highest good to be served. Tangible, practical guidance for all aspects of your life.

  • Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Counsel
  • Readings for Business, Personal, Projects and Relationship
  • Fine Art Paintings & Prints ~ Integrative Healing Arts
  • Phone, Skype, or In Person
sacred inquiry

Over a 30 year career in the Healing Arts, Victoria Nethery has developed Sacred Inquiry. Utilizing a deep listening process, clear messages that serve the highest good of the client are revealed.

The answers show themselves through words, life patterns, and stories which are highlighted during a reading.

The answers are always practical, tangible and actionable. As the portal opens, messages from passed over loved ones, health information, business, personal, family questions, along with specific questions regarding short or long term projects, etc. may all be accessed.

In person Integrative Massotherapy sessions, and phone or skype sessions are all effective – the Sacred Inquiry process is the same. Visionary Cranial Sacral holds, Acupressure points, and other intuitive techniques are used either remotely or in person during these sessions.

Please contact Victoria for any further questions you may have and to book an appointment.

Thank you.

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