"I'm an avid marathon runner and started having severe knee pains that completely stopped my running. I went to a physical therapist, chiropractor and a physician, and each had a different diagnosis and remedy - none of which worked. My physical therapist recommended accupuncture with Oona. Oona quickly determined that my IT band was extra tight and causing stress where it connects to the knee. Using accupuncture and massage, Oona was able to take the pressure off my knee. After a couple of treatments, the pain began to ease and I was back to running marathon distance within a few weeks. I continue to see Oona on a regular basis for general tune–ups and have found that my overall health and energy, not to mention my running, is much better." — Pacific Grove, CA.

knee acupuncture

"I started seeing Oona for chronic pain and local numbness following a partial knee replacement. Within weeks, the pain had subsided, and Oona then started working on my general health concerns. Through ongoing regular acupuncture and massage, I'm better able to manage stress, perimenopausal symptoms and general health issues. Oona is my first phone call when anything is going on with my body. I would (and do!) recommend her for a wide variety of ailments and for preventive care." — Karen C., Pacific Grove, CA.

"I have tried all types of face creams and treatments and I never get the results I want. I couldn't imagine adding a toxin like Botox into my body, and I am not ready to spend money on surgery. After a few sessions of cosmetic acupuncture, my skin is much brighter and the fine lines around my face and neck have diminished. The treatments are relaxing and refreshing." — Penny, Monterey, CA.

"I started working with Dan Hull after having chemotherapy for breast cancer and before starting radiation. He helped me get through the radiation treatment with minimal skin problems and very little of the fatigue that radiation can cause. Since then, he has helped to rebuild my energy and my confidence, and given me the tools I need to face the future with optimism. I really canít say enough good things about Dan. He is warm and open and has been there for me in some very low moments. He takes the time to get to know his patients well so that I feel very safe in his hands. I continue seeing my oncologist of course, but if I have any concerns I often go to Dan first. Heís resolved several issues such as stomach pains and digestive problems, and I always come away from my visits to him feeling mentally stronger as well."— CB.

"Dr Dan is an absolutely amazing healer. He has helped me get through a very challenging transitional time in a way that no one else could. Together, we cleared my deeply imbedded feelings that held me chained up for decades. For the fist time, I felt free. My health improved dramatically, and, to top it off, we always laughed so much together that I left lighthearted, happy and blissed out after each and every session. I couldn't recommend him more. I live in Hawaii now, and I wish I could import him here."— Solnishka

"For years I suspected that my chronic health issues were connected with incompletely resolved past emotional issues. None of the courses, audio CDs, self-help books, or sessions with psychologists was ever much help. In two sessions, Dan Hull located the energy blockages in my body and the long-forgotten emotional issues that caused them. He released those blockages. I set myself tasks to complete the emotional stories. After six months, my health and energy had improved beyond any previous "best". This man has a remarkable skill."— Peter D - Salinas, CA

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