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Jen DeVilliers
Jen DeVilliers. (831) 224 7119

Hi I’m Jen.

I am so glad you are here. If you’re seriously considering making changes to the way you live – including nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, and/or stress management – you have come to the right place.

I am a certified CHEK practitioner and a nutrition, fitness, and wellness coach who – through my own personal journey, client study, and education – has helped hundreds of clients. 

Food, movement (or lack of), and our thoughts have a profound effect on our body and mind, not only on a cellular level, but also on your emotional, physical, and social well-being. 

I would be honored to empower and inspire you to find healing and nourishment through food, movement, and tools to help you look and feel your very best.

Jen DeVilliers is a certified Holistic Life Coach, host of the global Body/Mind Detox Summit and the Body/Mind Monterey Symposium, and creator of the 21-Day Body/Mind Detox and 3-Day Whole Body Reset, who has coached hundreds of clients around the world.

You can also learn about Jen’s Green Keto Fast here.

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“Jen’s depth of knowledge and expertise in nutrition and detoxing is unparalleled and I trust her implicitly.”

I have been working with Jen professionally for 12 years, and she is a very important part of my support team for my patients and their well-being. Jen’s depth of knowledge and expertise in nutrition and detoxing is unparalleled, and I trust her implicitly.

I have personally been through her detox program three times, and I am always amazed at how awesome it makes me feel. Jen’s wonderful recipes make detoxing easy because they are simple and totally delicious. She has proven that eating healthy can be completely satisfying, and even my children agree!

Jen is a brilliant health coach and has helped even my most resistant patients with creating healthier lifestyle habits. She is a pleasure to work with, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone who wants to genuinely feel better.

Oona Hull, Licensed Acupuncturist