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Oona Hull LAc. has been a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California since 2003 and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1993. She has a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine from the Five Branches Institute of Santa Cruz and is the director of the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center. Oona is dedicated to seeing the “big picture” of each patient’s health concerns in order to find the underlying cause of imbalance, while maintaining a focus on relieving immediate symptoms. She is passionate in educating patients about their health so they may be empowered to truly experience wellness. She has extensive experience in many specialties including sports injuries, pain management, women’s health, fertility, allergies, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression.

Oona’s passion for Chinese Medicine began at the age of 17 when she started learning Tai Chi. This in turn lead to an interest in Qi Gong and in 1992 she became enrolled at the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong where she studied for many years. She simultaneously pursued an education in Massage and Polarity at the Esalen Institute and became a licensed therapist in 1993. After a foundation in Western Medicine, studying Pre-Med and Nursing at Monterey Peninsula College, Oona moved onto The Meridian Institute of Monterey (a cutting edge school combining Eastern and Western Medicine) to study Chinese Medicine during its three year existence. Oona then transferred to the Five Branches Institute of Santa Cruz and continued there for three more years to graduate with a Master’s in Chinese Medicine in 2003.

Oona enjoys creating a sanctuary of healing for her patients and takes extra care in helping patients feel as comfortable as possible. She also loves to empower her patients with knowledge about their bodies and tools to increase well-being and the quality and longevity of their lives. Oona is deeply inspired by the ability of the human body and spirit to heal and rejuvenate and it is her life’s work to share this inspiration.


“I’m an avid marathon runner and started having severe knee pains that completely stopped my running. I went to a physical therapist, chiropractor and a physician, and each had a different diagnosis and remedy – none of which worked. My physical therapist recommended accupuncture with Oona. Oona quickly determined that my IT band was extra tight and causing stress where it connects to the knee. Using accupuncture and massage, Oona was able to take the pressure off my knee. After a couple of treatments, the pain began to ease and I was back to running marathon distance within a few weeks. I continue to see Oona on a regular basis for general tune–ups and have found that my overall health and energy, not to mention my running, is much better.”
Pacific Grove, CA.
“I started seeing Oona for chronic pain and local numbness following a partial knee replacement. Within weeks, the pain had subsided, and Oona then started working on my general health concerns. Through ongoing regular acupuncture and massage, I’m better able to manage stress, perimenopausal symptoms and general health issues. Oona is my first phone call when anything is going on with my body. I would (and do!) recommend her for a wide variety of ailments and for preventive care.”
Karen C., Pacific Grove, CA.
“I have tried all types of face creams and treatments and I never get the results I want. I couldn’t imagine adding a toxin like Botox into my body, and I am not ready to spend money on surgery. After a few sessions of cosmetic acupuncture, my skin is much brighter and the fine lines around my face and neck have diminished. The treatments are relaxing and refreshing.”
Penny, Monterey, CA.