Voted best acupuncturist in Monterey County every year but one since the category began in 2015!

Thank you Weekly readers and special thanks to my team. I am grateful for your support.

It is a great honour to be in service to the well-being of our community.

What makes Oona Hull, who’s won this award every year but one since it became a category in 2015, so beloved by Weekly readers? Hull can’t say for sure, but she’s got a pretty compelling theory. “I just definitely care very much and am invested in my patients, and most of them become like family,” Hull says. “I become part of their long-term care.” People come for her acupuncture for all types of reasons: pain, digestive health, headaches, menopause, fertility and, the one thread linking them all, mental health. “When people ask ‘What do you specialize in?’ I say humans,” Hull says. “The biggest thing here is people are feeling uplifted when they leave – the endorphins from acupuncture are fantastic.”

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